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Azorb Desiccant Solutions, LLC is a full service provider of standard and custom desiccant products and services designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.
  • Camper Dry™

    Keep Your RV’s Mold & Mildew-Free Life is full of endless possibilities when you explore the world in your RV, but what happens when you travel and experience the different temperature changes? Moisture buildup can lead to mold and mildew! Protect your investment using CamperDry™, an anti-corrosion and mold prevention solution. CamperDry™ is designed to… [Continue Reading]

    Camper Dry™
  • Boat Dry™

    Protect Your Investment From Mold & Mildew Nothing can compare to the thrill of being out on the water in your own boat, but what happens when the seasons change and your boat goes into storage? What can happen during the off-season? Take care of your precious assets using Boat Dry™, an anti-corrosion and mold… [Continue Reading]

    Boat Dry™
  • SafeNDry Products

    Safes are designed to keep your valuables protected from fire and theft, however they don’t prevent moisture and odors from creeping in. Moisture can get trapped in a safe from simply opening and closing it. If moisture has become trapped in your safe, you may open your safe to find an overwhelming foul odor. SafeNDry®… [Continue Reading]

    SafeNDry Products
  • Silica Gel Desiccants

    Silica Gel is a porous form of silicon dioxide processed into either a beaded or granular form and commonly used as a desiccant to absorb moisture, water vapor and control relative humidity. Silica Gel is actually hard and much more solid than the name implies and can absorb approximately 40% of its weight in moisture.… [Continue Reading]

    Silica Gel Desiccants