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Continuous Strip Paks

Azorb Desiccant Solutions offers a complete line of Continuous Strip Paks desiccant products commonly used with high speed automatic desiccant dispensing equipment.
By eliminating the need to manually insert desiccant paks, customers can save on labor costs, increase productivity and improve their overall efficiency.

Continuous Strip Paks

Consumer Products

SafeNDry® Products

Safes are designed to keep your valuables protected from fire and theft, however they don’t prevent moisture and odors from creeping in.

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Boat Dry™

Nothing can compare to the thrill of being out on the water in your own boat, but what happens when the seasons change and your boat goes into storage?

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Camper Dry™

Life is full of endless possibilities when you explore the world in your RV, but what happens when you travel and experience the different temperature changes?

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